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Welcome to Woodstock Baseball

Welcome to Woodstock Baseball

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Policies and Guidelines

Code of Conduct Policy

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct applies to all players, parents, coaches, and little league volunteers.


1. I will always remember that the goal of the WLL is to have fun and teach good

sportsmanship. Adults will remember that the game is for kids.


2. I will always try my hardest and demonstrate good sportsmanship.


3. I will never challenge an umpire’s authority or call.


4. I will never use verbal or physical abuse on an official because of a call they made.


5. I will never threaten or physically harm an official, coach, player or parent.


6. I will never object to a call by throwing equipment (helmets, gloves, etc.).

7. I will never use profane, obscene or vulgar language in any manner at any time.


8. I will never speak disrespectfully to any manager, coach, official or player.


9. I will never smoke in the stands, on the playing field, or in the dugout. Smoking by

adults is only permitted in the parking lot.


10. I will never appear at any WLL complex while intoxicated. Intoxicated can be based

on behavior and/or odor.


11. Coaches and Parents will be a positive role model for players.


12. Coaches and Parents will teach children that doing one’s best is more important

than winning.


13. Coaches and Parents will never ridicule or yell at children.

The WLL Board of Directors will review all infractions of the Code of Conduct. The board may assess disciplinary action including suspension and expulsion from the league depending on the seriousness of the infraction.



Enforcement of Code of Conduct

Managers and umpires should have the complete support of the board of directors in implementing the Code of Conduct. It is expected that the league’s goal be to teach the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and reverence. These traits will enable the community youth to become good, decent, healthy, and trustworthy citizens.




Umpires and managers should use an ejection as a last case scenario. We expect that these people be natural leaders that can assist in deescalating an issue before it resorts to an ejection. If an umpire ejects a manager, coach, player, or spectator, the ejected person will immediately leave the game site. If necessary, the game should be stopped until that person leaves. Any person ejected will be suspended for the next physically played game. The person may appeal this suspension to an “Appeals Board” consisting of the Chief Umpire, Executive Vice President, and League VP. The final decision of this board shall be binding. The board of directors may also increase a suspension if a 2/3 majority deem it necessary because of the actions that resulted in an ejection.


To assist in maintaining discipline the league believes firmly that only those players whose attitudes warrant as such, play the minimum play time. Minimum play time is 6 defensive outs and 1 at bat. If the manager determines that a player’s attitude warrants such play time, a conversation should occur between the manager and parents to determine any corrective measures. In Junior League and above, the player should be included in this discussion.


Players may be sent home from any clinic, practice, or game if attitude warrants. This should only happen if a discussion has already occurred between the manager, parents, and player regarding behavior. However, if a major non-corrective behavior occurs, this conversation step may be skipped.


Players participating in all-star play should remember that it is an honor and privilege. There behavior must indicate as such. Players must also commit to attending practices and games. All-Stars should take a priority over other sports, vacations, and other “free-will” events/activities. If, at any time, the board of directors and manager decide one player, who makes these things a priority over all-stars, be allowed to stay on the team, the same should be offered to the entire team.


If a player’s attitude is detrimental to the team’s ability to be competitive, the manager should be given the option to approach the board of directors above removing the player from the team. The league should not let a single player destroy the opportunities afforded to the team. This decision shall rest solely with the board of directors and any vote must be unanimous.


The board of directors deems it to be an honor and privilege to coach or manage a little league team. The ultimate determination of success is being able to answer, in the affirmative, “Is a player a better person as a result of experience in our program?” We aim to make the program wholesome and enriching for those involved. A manager has the ability to teach players how to win and lose graciously, to be loyal, to cooperate with opponents and umpires, to avoid swearing and being curt, to develop self discipline, and to put aside their selfish desires for the good of the team. Whatever good that comes out of the league will be the result of the manager’s leadership. In other words, the program is as good as the manager.


As a result, we expect managers to be shinning examples of our Code of Conduct. Managers must be approved, on an annual basis, by the Board of Directors. A manager does not earn “tenure” in little league and their application can be turned down at any time for not meeting the league’s code of conduct expectations. Assistant Coaches will be approved the individual team manager and League VP, both of whom will be responsible for the actions of their coaching staff.


A coach or manager, who is ejected from a game, must immediately leave the game site. The manager or coach will serve a 1 game suspension for their team’s next physically played game. The board of directors will hear appeals, through the “Appeals Board” on an extremely limited case.


Managers will also be responsible for the parents on their team. Any problems with spectators should be addressed to the team manager. Spectators ejected from a game will result in an automatic 1 game suspension.


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