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Welcome to 2021!

Parents and Players - 

It is with great anticipation that we prepare for the upcoming 2021 season. Coming out of the "year of COVID," we find ourselves in a year of transition. The board has been restructured to meet what we've set as our Strategic Goals and Initiatives. 

1) Player Health and Safety - COVID has reminded us that our primary goal is to ensure the health and safety of our players. We want to minimize incidents that cause missed playing time. We want to continue providing a structured activity where players feel safe to be themselves and play with their friends.

2) Player & Volunteer Development - our end goal is to better support our volunteers in order to make their role easier and help our players play at the level they are striving for, not only now but in their future as well. 

3) Become a Leading Community Organization - achieving this goal would benefit the league, and our families, in multiple ways. Going forward, we will strive to provide community service opportunities to our players, participate in more community events, and align with community organizations to increase donations. This would help our players grow as individuals and help maintain registration fees to ensure baseball is affordable at every level for every player. 

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